Saturday, October 1, 2016

iPhone iOS 10 how to activate unlock by touch

If you have upgraded to iOS 10 on your iphone, you probably have noticed the requirement of pressing the home button to unlock your iphone while just touching was enough to unlock for previous iOS versions. In fact you can still switch to the earlier type of unlocking by changing a setting in your iphone. Here is how you can do it.

First start the Settings app.

In settings menu click General.

Find Accessibility in the menu and select it.

Now find Home Button and select it.

In the Home Button menu you'll see a setting named Rest Finger to Unlock deactivated by default in iOS 10. Make this setting active and from now on you can unlock your iphone by touching the home button without pressing the button again while the screen is active.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

framework7 build directory missing

If you have downloaded Framework7 and realized that you can't view the sample pages correctly this can be possibly caused by a missing directory named as build which is required by the samples. You can solve this problem using the following commands.

Framework7 uses gulp for development (build) and distribution (dist) versions. So you need to have gulp-cli installed globally. Run this command in terminal:
npm install --global gulp
Then change directory to the Framework7 root directory and install dependencies:
npm install
Now you're ready for development version of Framework7:
gulp build

After the previous command you should be able to see sample working correctly. You can also have distributable version available in dist/ folder after running the following command:
gulp dist